Wildlife Footage

Little Egret at Pennington Flash

This stunning little egret was on the hunt for foot at the base of the island best viewed from the Tom Eddisson hide at Pennington Flash nature reserve in Leigh near Wigan in the north west of England, Footage taken on Sunday 19th February using the Nikon D850 with the Nikkor 200-500 f5.6 ED VR lens. 

Perching Robin Red Breast

This  footage of one of the nation's favourite birds. The Robin Red Breast is sometimes thought of as a winter bird when in fact these gorgeous little birds a pleasure to watch all year around in the United Kingdom.

This short video was shot on one of my recent shoots at Pennington Flash nature reserve in Leigh using my Nikon D850.

Our Visiting garden hedgehog

"Over the past few nights, we've been delighted to welcome a charming hedgehog to our front garden. It's been a joy to see our prickly visitor enjoying the fresh food we've set out in our hedgehog house at the end of the lawn. These moments of connection with nature remind us of the simple pleasures and the importance of caring for our local wildlife."

Blaze Video A280W Wi-Fi Wildlife Trail Camera

"Capturing video footage of the beautiful wildlife around us is a true passion. I have been thoroughly impressed with the Blaze Video camera, and I am proud to be an affiliate partner with them."

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